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5 Things Every Home Owner Should Know

There are a number of things that every home owner should know about their home’s plumbing, but we think if you only learn these 5, you’ll be ahead of any problems before they arise.

1. Know where to find your water main.

When you need to turn your water off, every second counts, so don’t wait until it’s too late to learn where your water main is located.

2. Know where your water supply valves are.

Every toilet, sink, shower/tub, dishwasher, & washing machine in your home should have water supply valves. Knowing where they are allows you to turn off water for just that spot, so you can easily do maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

3. In winter, protect your pipes.

Every winter, cover outdoor pipes, detach all garden hoses, and have your irrigation system sprayed out to prevent frozen pipes. Doing these small things, can prevent costly repairs.

4. Keep a quality plunger on hand.

Not all plungers are created equally, but in a pinch, just about any of them will do. It’s important to not ignore blockages when they happen and having a quality plunger on hand can help you with sinks, showers, or toilets (we recommend having one for each). Ignored blockages can lead to water spills and cause major water damage. If you’re having a recurring block, a professional plumbing service is likely required as the issue might be much deeper and fix yourself.

5. Have our number posted.

Despite your best efforts, every home will eventually have a plumbing issue that only a professional can solve. Have our number ready for when that time comes, and we will quickly help resolve the issue and get your plumbing system working again. We can be reached at 509-728-3403.

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