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Pomona Water Pipes


The network of water pipes on your Pomona, WA property plays a critical role in the functioning of a household or business establishment. It is essential that all the Pomona water pipes be maintained in excellent condition to ensure their flawless flow and function.

Shephard Plumbing suggests that property owners invest in top-quality materials and services for all jobs related to the Pomona water pipes on their residential or commercial property.

Our plumbing company offers them the benefit of its extensive knowledge, skills, experience and resources for working on Pomona water pipes.

Hire us to install, clean, repair and replace:

  • Water lines
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Water service line
  • Water supply line

Call Shephard Plumbing for all kinds of services for the Pomona water pipes on your property!

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Pomona Frozen Pipes


The wide-ranging jobs handled by our plumbing company include working on Pomona frozen pipes. Freezing of sewer and water pipes is a common problem encountered by the people in this community and beyond when the outside temperature plummets.

The best way of avoiding the headache of dealing with Pomona frozen pipes is proper winterizing of the plumbing system. For the situations where home and business owners do end up with Pomona frozen pipes on their property, we are here to help.

We send over rigorously trained, experienced and well-equipped technicians to thaw frozen pipes. Our plumbers take a diligent, detail-oriented approach to the job, striving to restore the Pomona frozen pipes to complete normalcy without any untoward incident.

Call none but us for help with:

  • Frozen water line
  • Frozen drain pipe
  • Frozen sewer line
  • Frozen pipe burst
  • Frozen toilet pipe

Shephard Plumbing is the expert to call to fix Pomona frozen pipes!

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Pomona Frozen Pipe Repair


Pomona frozen pipe repair is a job best left to proven professionals like us. A do-it-yourself approach to performing frozen pipe repair can be disastrous. The aware and responsible property owners will never even think of attempting stunts like pouring boiling water on the frozen pipes or using a hairdryer or blow torch for Pomona frozen pipe repair.

You have done well in contacting professionals like us to carry out Pomona frozen pipe repair on your property. Trust us to use the best technicians, techniques and equipment for effective, yet safe Pomona frozen pipe repair.

If you have any questions about Pomona frozen pipe repair, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

Contact us today for the following:

  • Thawing pipes
  • Unfreeze pipes
  • Defrost pipe
  • Burst pipe repair

Call Shephard Plumbing for Pomona frozen pipe repair!

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